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    If you are curious about whether coaching could be for you, book a free 1hr introductory session with Vincent. You will receive feedback more accurate and honest than you’ve ever had, and an environment to dream, collaborate and take action. Read more...

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    By attending a choice of workshops you'll learn to use highly effective Relationship and Communication tools, Entrepreneur skills or how Healthy Family Dynamics transform families towards harmony and having more fun together! Read more...

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Welcome to Swift Life Transformation Coaching, Workshops and Seminars


As a coach and trainer I'm committed to guiding others to plan and create their dream future. Connecting clients to their passion and purpose in life and to realising their goals, fast. If you're ready to achieve your goals, special projects or big dreams, I'm here to help.

Through one-to-one personal coaching or by attending one of my workshops or online seminars, you will be guided to create and clearly define your goals and the objectives you desire towards achieving success.

What if you were able to begin to connect with the pulse of aliveness deep within you, to take continuous action in a way that activates your charisma, lets you contribute in a way that is deeply satisfying, and, even leads to a new career or business?

You'll be empowered to design your future and take definite steps towards achieving your desired goals. Having clearly defined outcomes is crucial to any success.

Please contact me to arrange your free 1hr consultation to explore where in your career, business or personal life you would most like to see great results. Consultations available via phone, Skype or in person.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.



UK: +44 7960 671 904


Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates on the benefits of having a coach



John Halpern

Cryptic crossword compiler for The Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Independent newspapers.
Vincent is direct, honest, authentic and unstoppable. If you want your life to work, and work fast, you HAVE to deal with this guy. He wants you to win. And he wants it bad.

Dr Jans Olde Wolbers

If you are looking to be heard, supported, pushed, held accountable, inspired, empowered and to have greater success in your professional and personal life, then I cannot recommend Vincent enough.

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I would like to hear from you regarding anything you may be curious about or that may be of interest to you. I'm committed to assisting you with the matters that are important to you, so feel free to get in touch. Email here. Alternatively you can fill out a contact form here on the contact page.