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Thank you for visiting!

I'm Vincent and I’m a coach.

Coaching is not ‘what’ I do. A coach is what 'I AM'. It’s my vocation, my purpose and my passion. It’s what I’m here to be and do. And I love it!

What is coaching?

All successful athletes have a coach. Very many successful people have a coach…. Coaching creates clear outcomes for your life (winning your game) and supports you as you perform like an athlete. A coach offers feedback and guidance that allows you to make the necessary adjustments in your life to succeed in the arenas that are most important to you, either in your relationships, your life or your work.

How does coaching work?

By exploring the areas of your life in which you would most like to see improvements, and by understanding your hopes and aspirations, your coach will support you in creating a clear way forward and clarifying the actions you will take to realise your desired outcomes.

Who benefits from coaching?

Everyone! From partners, friends, kids, parents, bosses, leaders and everyone else in between. Anyone who wants more clarity, support and a clearer vision for their future will benefit. My mission is to endow every single person I encounter with coaching tools and principles to experience a life with increased clarity and a clear vision for their future.

How would coaching benefit me?

1) Through clarifying what you want and supporting you to get it, either in the relationships you have or want, your work and your broader life, in terms of vitality, achievement and fulfilment.

2) It may not. But that wouldn’t prevent me from supporting you to find out what would, and supporting you to find it. I have access to vast resources, alternative coaches and connections that can assist you in having your needs and wants met. Which is what coaching aims to support!

Can I try it out without having to commit long term?

Of course you can! An initial meeting or call can be arranged, we will have time to explore your objectives and see if we are a good fit.

How best may I connect to explore my options?

Please feel free to call, SMS or email to say hi and find a mutually-agreeable time to meet in person, by phone or Skype.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Telephone: 07960 671 904


Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates on the benefits of having a coach



John Halpern

Cryptic crossword compiler for The Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Independent newspapers.
Vincent is direct, honest, authentic and unstoppable. If you want your life to work, and work fast, you HAVE to deal with this guy. He wants you to win. And he wants it bad.

Dr Jans Olde Wolbers


If you are looking to be heard, supported, pushed, held accountable, inspired, empowered and to have greater success in your professional and personal life, then I cannot recommend Vincent enough.

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